mind control suggestion

Freedom of Mind - Mind Control & the Power of Suggestion

Do you see yourself as a 'free thinker’? Would you know if you were being ‘brainwashed? Do you really know your own mind? I believe freedom of mind to be the core freedom that underpins nearly every other type - the ability to truly…
re-imagine work hard play hard
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Why It's Time to Re-Imagine 'Work Hard, Play Hard'

'Work hard, play hard' is advice that nearly everyone has been given or followed at some point in their life.  In my work as a hypnotherapist and coach, I see many people who apply this philosophy, but are nonetheless still stressed and…
red flags thinking sabotage positive change

4 Red Flags in Thinking That Sabotage Positive Change

As a rapid change therapist and coach, helping hundreds of clients each year, I am always interested, from a clinical perspective, in the small number people who struggle with the process of positive change. In this article I will explore…
overcome tip of the tongue memory

How to Mind Hack 'Tip of the Tongue' Memory Moments

It’s annoying when you can’t remember something, when it’s on the 'tip of your tongue', but you just can’t seem to recall it. Memory is complex and if you're struggling to remember something it is often because the information is tucked…
happiness success
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Happiness is Working to YOUR Definition of Success

The concept of 'success' is much talked about in personal development, but defining the word, like achieving success itself, can prove both complex and elusive. Add 'happiness' to the equation and what started out as difficult can start to…
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How I Developed The 'Meat Free' Mindset

As someone who works helping others with their habits, I know that developing new habits is all about establishing and supporting them at both the conscious and subconscious level. As I write this post, I've not eaten meat for over 3 months…
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5* REVIEW: "Amazing learning experience, even better results!"

It was nice this week to receive a detailed review by a recent client describing his experience of hypnotherapy with me. I helped him break a 20-year smoking habit in just a single session and he is now happy and smoke free. Well done…